Welcome to the home of the Willingboro Municipal Democratic Committee! We are a group of individuals, male and female, young and not as young, who come together to advance our shared, common sense Democratic Values. We endorse and support governments (and elected officials) that protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without exceeding the constitutional limitations enumerated by the Founding Fathers.

2018 brought historic wins to our County, State, and Nation resulting in a “BlueWave” phenomena. While congratulations and a little backslapping is warranted, NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO SIT BACK AND REFLECT. 2019, and every year hereafter, will be even more important election years for Democrats as we strive for tsunami-like victories, each surpassed by the preceding one. To paraphrase, “Make America SANE again…Vote Democrat!!!”

Whether you are a lifelong Democratic activist or new to politics, we welcome anyone and everyone who shares these principles and a desire to strengthen our State and our Nation.

We invite you to spend some time on our Site and get to know us. We trust you will find, and share, interesting and useful information. 

William “Bill” Carter, Chairman